Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fourteen Part Deux

I forgot this happened today too! The kids (5th grade--Lennye's class again) :) were highly concerned that the sky looked like a severe storm was going to blow in and they thought we were going to have a flood or a tornado...the odd thing was the sky looked no different than a normal storm, so I'm not sure why they were so high norm about it...except they probably heard about the tropical storm in Florida and figured we'd be affected.

Right after they got done talking about the sky/clouds, they saw me get out my camera and head to the window. They THOUGHT I was taking a picture of the clouds and I heard one of them say, "Why is she taking a picture of that?" The other one says, "Well she's an artist and they do things like that!" Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! **Rolling On Floor Laughing!!** I say, "Have you guys lost your minds?" I'm over here taking a picture of a really cool bug." Like that's any less odd of me to do!! ha! So they all run over of course to see it and thought it was pretty cool too!

I'm thinking you need to play this music while viewing images of him, because I'm pretty sure this is what he's doing:


Lennye August 22, 2008 at 8:24 PM  

I love my class. I get said thinking that they will be separated when a new teacher comes on board. They have MoJo! Today, they walked in and said, "Oh Mrs. H, your precious angels are back." How cool is that! I've told them every afternoon how thankful I am to end my day with them, callng them "precious angels." You gotta love this group! Trust me after He and Ha's group I need to be reminded kids can be precious!!!

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