Thursday, August 14, 2008

Eight and Nine

Though I had to take a fourth grader out into the hall today and tell him that his disrespectful comments and rude behavior really wasn't as cute to me as it apparently was to him, and I had two of Lennye's fifth graders purposely paint each others paint shirts black...and I caught a kindergartner sucking the paint/paint water off of a paintbrush---it was a great couple of days. I'm being serious. Those things were pretty minor considering all the things that sometimes go wrong. I've really enjoyed the kids these last few days, they've been doing a great job.

Today a second grader randomly came up and squeezed me really hard in a bear hug and I laughed and said, "Oh you're squeezing my guts my guts." So he did it harder...and I pretended I barely had any guts left while I gave him a good bear hug back. About five minutes later as a girl was finishing up her painting, she says to me--"Ms. G. when I finish my artwork can I come squeeze your guts out too?" **melt much** My reply, "Of course! I would love nothing more!"

The warm color suns project was rocking the socks off of one third grade boy and he says to me, "Ms. G. this is SOOOOOO awesome!! I love this! Thank you so much for letting us do this project. I really appreciate it."
A don't think a kid has ever told me he appreciates me or something I've let them do. IT ROCKED.

Here are some of the zebras (green grass to come next week) from first grade that have been cracking me up this week! I like how one looks like a robber.

Here's possibly the best "first" painting a kindergartner has ever done in my room. Obviously not his FIRST painting!

This is a quick sketch I had fun doing with third grade as we're working on optical illusion type artwork. I'll post some of those when they're finished.


monkey August 15, 2008 at 3:44 AM  

oh. the zebras. they should totally be tshirts. and clearly the kids who suck paint off the paintbrushes are geniuses. you gotta use all the senses to create magic.
*squeezing your guts out*
~actually, that doesn't sound as cute coming from an adult~

K2daK August 16, 2008 at 9:19 PM  

I love the zebras!

I am glad you got the warm and fuzzies from a kid, those are the best.

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