Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Weekend

This past weekend some of Julie's family members came up for a little visit. We stayed up way too late for old people...but had a lot of fun!! One night we stayed up until 2am and another night we didn't eat dinner till 11pm! Whew! Two of her nephews, Chad and Harrison, had a blast on the four-wheeler (which I have to add that Julie had that before I ever knew her and it's ORANGE and nicknamed "Tigger" for its color and bouncing capabilities--and I was a Tigger a short while in the dorms when everyone was giving out nicknames!) Brandi (Chad's wife) got super excited over the lightning bugs we have here, because you seriously forget they exist when you live in Valdosta---must be too hot for them there. She and Chad caught a few in jars and then let them go pretty quickly because they weren't lighting up well in their captive state. We figured they were scared/depressed! :) Also a lot of Nintendo Wii play happened which is always a blast.

We also had a fun photo shoot with Chad (he's Julie's nephew from her middle sister)and his wife Brandi, go here to view the rest of our favorites. By the way, we are a DOT COM now...the domain name went through so nobody has to type in blogspot on that anymore---but if you do, it still directs you to the right place. So excited!

I didn't want Harrison to feel too left out of the picture taking, so here he is making a faux phone call---just wait until I find a good photo of Harrison and Julie together to scan in---it's crazy how much he looks like he could be her son! He's the youngest son of her oldest sister though!

Sunday The Bomar family came for a little visit and we helped them tye-dye some shirts---SB needed one for a dress-up day that the band members are having. I believe she is an assistant to the drum major---or is a drum major...I just can't keep up with that kind of stuff. Anyway, the afternoon was fun and LB and I finished up with some seriously multi-colored hands, but it's just no fun wearing gloves. They are such a nice family, they hate to ask you to do something for them and if they do, they are so apologetic about it being work for you...that is genuine niceness. It really wasn't like work at all, and very enjoyable. :)


K2daK July 22, 2008 at 8:09 PM  

Looks like fun!

Sarah B. B. July 24, 2008 at 7:28 PM  

I am not normally a balloon fan, but I think that one is super cute. They are really good sports to climb into those laundry baskets! :) Good work, dearies.

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