Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Grandma's Coming To Town

My mom is watching the babies while we go to Florida for a few days...she plans to watch t.v. and read while she has her own little vacation here with the pups. She is content as long as she has quiet time to read. The dogs get plenty of potty breaks and play time outside because mom has to go out there to smoke...so it's pretty often! Yes, she goes outside in the winter too...but she has a warm house coat. :) :)

I portioned everyone's food out for each meal time that we will miss, NOT BECAUSE I'm so anal that they have to get the perfect portion of measured food that we give them each night...but because it's just easier for mom that way. Much easier than saying Brinkley gets a huge bowl of food but oddly enough not as huge as Lucy's because she's still growing and Nikki gains weight too easily so she has the weight control food and gets a small amount...you get the idea.

So for each meal, there's a bag for each dog. All grandma has to do is pour and serve. :)
I put the tray down to show Lucy because she wondered why I was pouring so much food that she couldn't have right then. She almost ran off with some bags! I'm sure she thought, "I'll go ahead and have Wed. night and Thurs. morning now please! Thanks."


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