Monday, May 26, 2008

The Weekend

Juliebean and I went to Atlanta this weekend...first we saw Sarah and Lindsey and dropped Sarah's painting off I did for her about this time last year but have never gotten up there to her.

Then we were going to IKEA, but we first decided to go to the Decatur Arts Festival and spend some money we didn't need to spend on some cool Art! Most of the time I'd rather buy other people's Art than make my own---I'm not really sure of the reason for that--except maybe for the ease of it and not being tormented about whether I'm happy with my finished product or not!

We also ate tasty grilled chicken Caesar salads from Moxie Java and then later got gelato...this time I got pink grapefruit and Julie got strawberry. Very tasty.

Here are some pics from the day...
I took this one of two real people hanging out with two stone people!

How nice of Julie to surprise me coming out of a porta-potty...this is what one's face would look like at the shock that someone is snapping your picture while walking out of the nastiest thing you can thing of! I will only go inside one if I'm seriously about to pee on myself.

We're SUPER stoked about the two prints we bought from Big World Photo photographer Lorri Honeycutt--Her stuff is awesome! She uses a macro lens to photograph tiny, plastic people in real life scenes. Her booth was booming and you could barely escape bumping into someone as you were trying to see all of the prints---you can see why, they are neat! It was hard to narrow our choices, but we didn't want to have to sell the house to afford the Art! Check out her website, you'll probably find some you love as well. We bought these two:
Spring Break was Julie's number one pick

and Forever Friends was my number one pick

Yesterday we cleaned house/cut grass/watched videos and enjoyed being at home. We watched these two movies...enjoyed them both.

We liked "P.S. I love you" better than "Into The Wild." "P.S. I love you" had a lot of humor and sap in it, but enough sap that we both felt like we needed to go in search of someone's happy pills after watching it---kinda like when we watched "The Notebook" and could have cried/been suicidal for days. Intense. The premise of the movie was really amazing though, to receive love notes from the person you loved more than anyone in the world after they had died...I won't say anymore, but I thought it was done perfectly. And no, I didn't read either book beforehand. :)


K2daK May 26, 2008 at 1:17 PM  

There is a book to P.S. I Love You or are you talking about the Notebook?

I liked P.S. I Love You, I got the idea that it is a sweet sentiment that someone could love you that much!

Love the new pictures, too cute! I am JEALOUS that you went to Moxie without me. :( I love me some gelato now! I laughed out loud about the bench picture.

I love me some Julie and the picture of you coming out of the porta potty is FUNNY, that is why I love some Julie, she is always up to something sneaky.

Monkey May 26, 2008 at 1:35 PM  

I was talking about the books to P.S. I love you and Into The Wild. I love some gelato and some Julie too! :) I should have gotten a picture of her coming out of the skank porta potty too! :)

Sarah B. B. May 26, 2008 at 1:58 PM  

That was REALLY funny for Julie to do that. HA! I wouldn't have ever thought of it - that's why she's so funny, she thinks of things no one else ever would. I like those pictures, too, by the way. Glad y'all had fun in Decatur. :)

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