Thursday, May 22, 2008

So Wise, Sort Of

This scene occurred during second grade today. The kids were painting their clay fish and I told them to help them dry quicker they should put them in the window because the sunlight was really warm. I looked over and saw them looking so cute and wise, patiently waiting WITH their fish for them to dry. You would never guess that ten minutes prior to this they were acting like the cafeteria staff served them crack rock biscuits once again for breakfast! After all, just FIVE more days of school left and tomorrow is FIELD DAY! I am not normally able to post some of their cuteness on here because showing their faces without permission could get me fired, so this worked out too well! :)

And some wise (heh) words from the kiddies this week:

Two first grade girls come up to me and say: (no quotations, I'm feeling tired)
Them: If we were fried chicken, would you eat us?
Me: Well you're definitely fried chicken right, NOT people?!
Them: Yes.
Me: Uh, well do you want me to eat you?
Them: No.
Me: Ok then, I won't.
Them: Would you eat us if we were fried chicken?
Me: You just asked me that.
Them: You can eat us now.

I overheard this from a fourth grade boy:
Well we are all artists because of Ms. Gunter

**swoon** **swoon** talk about making my heart melt, I wanted to just slather him in some mash potatoes and eat him wait that was the fried chicken girls....but I seriously could've eaten him up after that! It was a moment of ultimate utopia, he could've asked for my car and I would've given him the keys (no, not really) and then someone painted half their hand blue........ ;)


Lennye May 22, 2008 at 8:07 PM  

I wish I had cute moments to share. Mine today involved ugly name calling. I still don't feel good and want to be left alone. The two girls who did it didn't think my response of "Stay away from people who talk like that" was appropriate. So then I have to go confront the bad talking child and I hate confronting bad talking children because they lie and say they didn't say anything, when you know good and well they did. Then confront the other two and remind them if they had done what I told them know one would have room to talk. It is drama and I DO NOT DO DRAMA!

All this reminds me of Kim Price. She had older siblings and she was way too sex crazed for the rest of us. We ignored her, why can't these kids do that. No, the more sexual a child is the more they want to be around them. Then our conversation with the parents goes like this, "My child NEVER acted that way before they came to your school." And you really want to say, "Come on, you mean in the last three schools this year they didn't pick up any bad behavior?"

Okay, I feel better now! Back to cleaning.

K2daK May 26, 2008 at 1:22 PM  

Like I said before, I love me some Sam.

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