Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pics And The Last Funny Things Kids Will Say At Our Old School...

Well kids tomorrow is our last official school day (with children) at our current campus. Next year we're movin' on up to the East side, to a deluxe apartment in the skyyyyyyyy...not really, but we are moving to a new campus/new school building. New as in a SHINY, clean (aka can make it dirty myself/worry over keeping it clean) Art room with MORE than two sinks and those sinks won't leak and make a hole in the cabinet underneath. And for the first year at least there won't be cobwebs and spiders the size of my big honkin' ass Golden Retriever lurking about in the paint shirt box or chillin' with their homies in my damn eraser bucket.

Those bitches loved some erasers and you should have seen the kids when they'd innocently go to grab out an eraser and a ginormous spider was in the bottom singing a little ditty 'bout Jack and Diane. Jesus. Instead they've probably thrown off the entire ecosystem where they've built the new school (aka the swamp) and we'll have alligators and snakes hanging out in the school...God I just can't wait until someone goes to get a paint shirt and out pops an "g'day mate, mind if I eat your face?!" I'll be sure to send the kids that I could do without to get paint shirts and least for the first year. :)
(One of my very favorite things to jam out to at home!)

Seriously though, while everyone in the building is bitching and moaning about having to pack up (somewhat rightfully so seeing as we are technically supposed to be packed by tomorrow while we still have freakin' students), I am packing away and counting down the moments until I can UNPACK my shiznick into beautifully, organized rainbow colored order happiness...and walk into a bright, shiny, clean room to watch little precious, marvelously miraculous Art students attempt to taint it day by day. It will be least for the first 8 hours and I really am thankful for the opportunity to walk into a room that is ALL mine for the very first time, that's pretty rare that any of us ever get that chance. As for the alligators, those are just a seriously cool added bonus. I'm naming mine "Sparkly" you a holiday...and I will let the kids glue glitter and sequins on his back...because that makes a big mess. ;)

This moment might just be crazier than the one a couple of posts earlier where someone asked me if I'd eat them if they were fried chicken:

Kid: "I didn't think about coming to school today, so I wore these shoes."
Me: "Well where in the world did you THINK you were going?"
Kid: "The beach."

Kid: (showing me her leg) "Look at my mosquito bite. I've been scratching that."
Me: "................."

(And while we're at it...I jam out to this as well, doing the instruments on my very own vocal solos! LOL!)


Natalie May 29, 2008 at 11:15 PM  

The mosquito bite quote made me think about a highschool laugh I had last night while watching "The Paper" (hey, don't judge). The highschool kids were all walking outside and one girl said "Ew, I've got a mosquito bite!" and this guy said "That's not a mosquito bite, it's your boob." Not an original joke by any means, but still funny when played correctly and in a timely fashion. :P

Sarah B. B. May 30, 2008 at 4:32 PM  

Hope today was a good day! It's too bad that the stress of moving has kept everyone from enjoying the last days in the "historic" building. ;) Just think - you'll never again be in the room where some little kid drew drippy blood fingers for you during your very first year of teaching!

Natalie May 30, 2008 at 11:15 PM  

What? My mosquito bite comment was moderated? It wasn't THAT unfunny. :(

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