Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Meet Blaze

This is Blaze. He's my cousin Kerry's (search the blog for 'Dupree' for Kerry insight)hyperactive Boxer. I believe that he is somehow related to a cat and a monkey. A cat because he has used up about 5 lives and is still around and a monkey because, well look at him....he looks like a monkey! Two years ago on his first night home from the animal shelter with Kerry in Valdosta he was coughing and hacking so loud that you would have thought he was an 80 year old woman who smoked three packs a day. We figured he was a goner. At that time he survived kennel cough and Parvo (which is usually unheard of). Then he snagged off part of his toe on a piece of glass Kerry didn't know about, bled all over the house. The toe survived. Then he got into some of Kerry's NASTY NASTY Crisco (maybe as a way to tell Kerry that nobody under the age of 55 should have Crisco in their house---our parents LIVE by it). He ate the ENTIRE container and the only resulting effect was white, foamy Crisco vomit. Ugh, nasty much. He drank some antifreeze and lived through that (another unheard of). Kerry's dog should be taken away by DFACS apparently. Last week though is the real clincher in my belief that he is part cat with nine lives...while visiting his grandma and grandpa that live in the woods with a creek running behind them, he came upon a rattlesnake. Their two dogs have a method of telling Uncle Richard when there's one nearby and he will go out and kill it.

He's a retired Game Warden so there's no fear of illegally killing a non-poisonous snake. When he was coming back with the gun, Blaze like his Dad, whom has no patience whatsoever, decided it would be fun to lunge at the rattlesnake. So, the rattlesnake lunged back and bit him. Did Blaze die of a rattlesnake bite? Nope. By some unknown mystery the snake either didn't get his venom into Blaze or had no fangs. Who knows?! But this is Blaze and he will outlive us all.

I'm also pretty sure Blaze has to wind his tongue back into his mouth each time it rolls out. It's the most insane dog tongue I've ever seen!


Sarah B. B. April 29, 2008 at 6:30 PM  

Don't you kind of think he looks like the Joker, too? It's that freaky clown mouth...

Monkey April 29, 2008 at 6:59 PM  

He is a curious looking little guy...definitely a joker grin...also reminds me of Sammy Davis Junior maybe or Cuba Gooding Junior as well. Strange. Every time I look at him I think he reminds me of something or somebody and I don't know if it's them or not.

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