Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Kerry's Blog

My cousin Kerry now has his own blog...the first post is about my computer dramas. Amazingly enough there's only one part I want to kill him for and that's saying that I thought you could only make a back-up on a cd/dvd...I knew that wasn't the only way, crazy! That's just the only way I had tried before handing my computer over to him. My piddly little flash drive would not have held 4 gigs of photos! :)

Seeing as this kid is so much like my brother it's ridiculous, (pretty much just not by blood) I can't wait to read some of the stuff he writes about! I especially can't wait to rag on him in person about using the word 'arduous' in his post! Haaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaa! Kerry said 'arduous.' That strikes me as funny and when I'm at his loft tomorrow night picking my computer up, I'm going to say 'arduous' a thousand times over and over again until he finds something better and more annoying to get me back with! :)

Oh, AND he says his blog will top mine...I said definitely not in the picture category. So he says it's JUST because I have the better camera. OH IT'S ON BROTHER!


Sarah B. B. April 22, 2008 at 8:45 PM  

While I have met Kerry, and while he is funny, his funny is a mere shadow of your funny. After all, he's the LITTLE brother. (hahah)

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