Monday, April 14, 2008

I couldn't resist...

Had this photo for a while from a restaurant here in you guys remember when Mike Myers did the skits on SNL where he sang the song, "well you know my name is Simon and I like to do drawRINGS." and then he would sometimes say something about looking at his meat and two veg?! He'd also say, "You Cheeky Monkey, were you looking at my bum? Bum looker!" It was based on this. My best friend Erica and I would go around calling each other "Cheeky Monkeys" and "Bum Lookers." Cracked me up every time!! Guess ya had to be there. :) (I can't believe I can't find the right skits on Youtube!)

This post seems fitting for two funny conversations from the MonkeyBean mansion (we don't really live in a mansion, but Sarah likes to call it that!)
Once again without quotation marks...because these......are fun to type and these " " are not!

Monkey: People say "only" children are selfish and I'm here to say that--that's such a lie and a generalization that's typically uncharacteristic.
Bean: What do you mean?
Monkey: Well for instance, take this I am being generous enough to give you the last sip of my favorite drink in the house, Cherry Coke. That is definitely NOT selfish behavior.
Bean: (Laughs) Crazy, this isn't the last of the Cherry Coke, there's more in the pantry.
Monkey: Well, I didn't know that, so it stills counts.
Bean: (Laughs some more) You're totally right. Thank you so much! :)

Monkey: Have you seen the camera battery charger?
Bean: Nope.
Monkey: It was right here, seriously. (After searching five separate places and then coming back to the same one) OH...look it's right here where I thought it was supposed to be.
Bean: You're always losing stuff like that.
Monkey: Not really, I don't ever lose things. I just put them somewhere and then forget where that is.
Bean: Ha...ok! :)


Copperheart April 15, 2008 at 12:35 AM  

that's a great picture- I loved those sketches!

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