Saturday, March 1, 2008

Friday Night Video Review

Both were amazing! Both made us laugh and cry (but it's highly possible that we were just being hormonal). "Feast of Love" was SO good...better than I even thought it would be. It's like a more modern day "Steel Magnolias" sort of. If you loved that movie, I'm sure you will enjoy "Feast of Love." I recommend watching it with whomever you love most in the world. It was so sweet. Morgan Freeman needs to be my grandpa! :) (Oh yeah, don't watch it with kids that you don't want seeing sex or nudity!)

"Little Miss Sunshine" cracked us up and had some tender moments too where you just felt so badly for various characters. The first time they pushed the Volkswagon bus we could not stop laughing!! That one is definitely a movie you should see as well.

Mom gave us "Feast of Love" so you could borrow my copy, but the other is a Netflix.


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