Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Two Goldens = Twice The Fun aka Instant BFFs!

Sherri brought Caesar (Brinkley's Dad) over last night for a little play date and to check out our furminator brush because his hair is out of control. She was going to pay over $40.00 to have it done at the groomers. I figured she should try it out for free before paying all that money for just a brushing! We were a little keyed up about how the two of them were going to act towards each other, so at first they were on their leashes. As soon as they saw each other it was like long lost BFFs seeing each other again! It was so great! They had a blast chasing each other and wrestling around. Watching Brinkley get to play with someone his own size who actually WANTED to play with him and actually ENJOYED it was one of those proud mama moments like when your kid meets a new friend. I felt so happy for him and you could tell that he thought it was the most fun he had ever had. Of course the other two wildebeests stayed in the house because they pretty much HATE any other dog aside from each other! :)
Here is a fun little video of their play time...Brink looks way more like his mom and it's a shame she isn't around anymore for them to meet and play...but he definitely had fun with his Dad and you can see the similarities there as well. We all wondered if they remember each other somehow. The best part of the video is towards the end where they are on the ground with their legs and feet together (so try to hang on until the end--muting does wonders!). We thought it was precious, it's a dog lover's thing, I know.

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