Tuesday, January 29, 2008

We Are Fortunate

Saturday we waited on a pizza inside Papa John's before going to the movie. While waiting, a very crazy lady came inside and was just acting really nasty and odd...it was difficult to tell if she was on something or just plain crazy. After expressing how much I really didn't want to be in there anymore and feeling very wigged out by this woman, Julie looked at me and said, "We are fortunate." Immediately I went from feeling put off by this woman's behavior, to just wanting to break down and cry at how she actually wasn't repulsive, but pretty tragic. She was getting her food for free and looked as though she hadn't eaten well in awhile, nor bathed or had decent clothing...looked very unloved by everyone, except for her friend who was making her a free pizza.

Julie was very right, we are SO fortunate. We have people who love us very much. We have the ability to work for food, for this house, for maybe not the nicest things in the world, but most of the things we want and ALL of the things we need. We love what we have and are happy for it. For those things that we have needed and couldn't get on our own right away, we fortunately have moms who care enough for us to help us with those things with no interest charged while paying back! We have friends and co-workers who laugh with us and would be there to cry with us if needed. We have three creatures that love so unconditionally that it's amazing. It's sad and ridiculous to think people could go through life not being able to appreciate or feel that kind of love and affection. We have the ability to see beauty in some of the more simple things in life and thankfully those things usually don't cost as much as the beauty some would only find in diamonds and trips to expensive faraway lands. We are fortunate to have all of these things and all of these friendships and relationships.
We are fortunate to have each other.

Here are recent photos of pretty things...

Yep Freda, that is a picture of a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils, especially for you!

Apparently I have a thing for towels...I never had pretty ones growing up.

The letters are ones I covered with pretty scrapbooking papers on the night Sarah, Julie and I did some crafts. THANKS for the Mod-Podge Sarah! :)


K2daK January 29, 2008 at 8:17 PM  

It is good to see things for what they really are sometimes...glad to see your happiness is appreciated by you!

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