Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Top Five

Let's go ahead and do this one since it relates to the last five places you've been before and would love to go back to someday. This isn't very difficult for me seeing as I haven't been to a lot of places and just began to have the opportunity for travel a few years ago.

1. Gulfport Mississippi---had an awesome trip with mom and Aunt Peg when I was in college---the hotel was the nicest I've ever been in and had this really cool inside bridge that went from the hotel to the casino---and the lazy river swimming feature was too fun! It was my first time at a casino and I think it's fun to play cheaply with dimes and nickels! We plan to take Julie over Spring Break! SOOOOO stoked! The hotel where we stayed got wiped out during the hurricane and they have since built up a bigger and better one--just don't have the swimming feature back yet---please let it get there soon! :) This time since I'll have someone who wants to go ride Wave Runners with me, I'm even more excited!

2. Columbia South Carolina---Julie and I took our bikes there once and rode in a really neat park...I liked it better there than Charleston. Julie read this and was like, "WHAT, WHY didn't you tell them we also went to the most awesome aquarium and zoo there too?!" So...correction--I temporarily forgot that indeed we did love that aquarium and zoo more than any other!
We even got to feed a giraffe!

3. Orlando Florida--Though I seriously want to go to the Keys--we're naming places we've been before and I've actually been to Orlando! This summer Aunt Peggy and Uncle Richard have invited us to stay a few days at their timeshare and we're going to Blizzard Beach for the first time! WOO HOO!

I want to cruise down this at Blizzard Beach. Thanks to gnislew on flickr for this one.
4. Chattanooga Tennessee--went when I was about ten years old with my Aunt Sue and Uncle Lonnie...we only went to Ruby Falls. Julie and I are going in February...we are just little Southern explorers in 2008!

I want to take pictures of this bridge and sunset pictures from this bridge in Chattanooga! Thanks to tennesseebridges on flickr for this photo.
5. Savannah Georgia--went there in 7th grade (I believe) on a school trip to Tybee Island...all I remember seeing were the little cabins on the island and the marsh! Never been to River Street or anything.


Sarah B. B. January 24, 2008 at 6:39 PM  

I'll be all over this in a minute. By which I mean sometime this millenium. I'd forgotten that y'all went to Columbia and Charleston. I've only been to Columbia once, for a nerdy high school activity, and barely remember it. Obviously I need to go back.

Natalie January 24, 2008 at 9:04 PM  

My five places... (I'm not sticking to the U.S., if that's a rule, sorry) :)

1. Italy--I would give my left boobie to live in the villa where we spent a week a few years ago. ABSOLUTELY lovely.

2. Greece--I want to do a tour of the islands (went to Kos while studying abroad in college, but went with icky soon-to-be-ex....would not take him again on my return trip)

3. The North GA mountains where Kevin and I went camping shortly after I met. This is where I started to fall in love with him. :) But I'd only brave that freezing cold ass weather again if we could have the same steamy heat inside the tent....heehee.

4. New York because seeing Shannon inspires me to do art...and makes me want to be a naked exhibitionist for some strange reason.

5. Ireland because I L-O-V-E that accent and draught Guinness is yummy.

Natalie January 25, 2008 at 9:56 AM  

Just to clarify, I was talking about a highschool boyfriend in my "Greece" comment....Kevin is not an icky-soon-to-be-ex! :)

Lennye January 27, 2008 at 7:45 PM  

Okay, Nat has definately been to more exotic places than I have. When traveling if it doesn't involve 4 legs and a long tail we don't go! Which has made it hard to make those overseas trips.

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