Sunday, September 9, 2007

Take me out to the ballgame...

Our buddy Roderick..whom we call Fears (his last name) scored some free tickets to the Braves game last night. My cousin Kerry came up and we all drove to the ATL where we met Fears. It was definitely a fun adventure. Kerry didn't want to park at the stadium because of getting stuck in traffic when trying to leave, so we parked at the Inman Park Marta station, got us a Breeze Card and off we went. I had only ridden on the Marta train once and it was at night, Julie had never been on it. Kerry apparently was a frequent Marta rider because he knew all of the stops and where we had to get on and off for our destinations. I have to say that I am not so sure about Marta during the day...I can see too much whizzing by -which doesn't bode well with the motion sickness issue. It was a short ride, so no biggie. Kerry kept assuring us that it was a very short walk from our stop to the stadium...HMM...would have been a short walk if we had taken a right out of the station instead of a left.

Fears thought it was hilarious when I told him we were walking down Memorial trying to get to the stadium. Once we were safely at the stadium, we finally found our seats and you should have seen the look on our faces when the nice usher named Kendall told us how high we had to go. She was nice enough to let us stay a little lower than the 18th row (on the upper level). Once we were there for a short time we all got used to the fact that we probably wouldn't plummet to our deaths and everything became OK. Miss Z from work showed up with her boyfriend, though she spent most of the time on her phone...the woman loves her phone. :)

The Braves were kicking the Washington Nationals butts when we left during the 8th inning. We left early to beat the crowds and so Fears could DRIVE us back over to our Marta station, seeing as none of us were crazy enough to try and walk back there. More on adventures in Marta on the next post.

These pictures are of us being crazy...Kerry and I are so much like brother and sister...mostly the kind that have a lot of fun together and no arguments, but we have our moments. Since his mom (my Aunt Peggy) and my mom are sisters/best friends, we did everything together. I was eight when he was born and am proud to say that when he was about two I taught him to dance to the Beach Boys/Fat Boys version of the "Wipe Out" and we had grand times sucking up "ghosts" with our Ghostbusters guns. Good times!


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