Sunday, September 9, 2007

Adventures in Marta riding...

We could've just ridden Marta once to the Braves game and back, but that wouldn't have been very fun! We decided to use our Breeze card to ride Marta numerous times after the Braves game since we were waiting for our drive-in movie to start at the Starlight Six Drive-In.

We encountered some interesting people, including one scary looking man, who as I was scanning my card, "piggy-backed" and came in with me so he didn't have to pay! We had an odd scary movie moment where Kerry was getting off the Marta in a hurry and didn't tell us we were supposed to follow, so when we got to the door, it started to close and he hurried and put his arms in it to keep it open. We were freaking out!! We didn't know whether to follow him or take the chance of getting separated. So there were a few seconds of standing there--watching him hold the door where we were frozen in fear not knowing what to do. We didn't want to start stepping off and the thing start moving or the door closing on us! He yells, "GET OFF THE TRAIN!" in some kind of movie moment voice, and we hurried and got off! Funny stuff. After playing on Marta for a while, we went to the drive-in and saw one of the worst movies EVER! "I know who killed me" was seriously awful. It was like Disney and Lifetime movies got together to try and make a horror/thriller. BAD! We were going to stay for our second movie, "Halloween"...but were just too tired. By then, it was a little after 1am. We got home at 2am and crashed! Definitely made some cool memories and had a blast!


Lennye September 9, 2007 at 10:19 PM  

Great pictures! Everyone looks to be having a blast. I feel that my weekend went to fast! See ya Tuesday!

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