Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Paint Girl

W O P1000963 D !

I learned about this fun little tool on How About Orange today.
It's fun to play around with and uses flickr images. Cool stuff.
I have a couple of funny stories from today. All of which are from the little people of the school...the kindergartners. The last couple of mornings there's been a little group that likes to stop and say "hello" to me. This morning I noticed what they call me..."Hey paint girl." Julie says I really need to draw a cartoon of myself wearing a cape and the words "PAINT GIRL."
One little cutie told me all about the computer lab. He says, "The puter lab has puters everywhere and now they all work. Have you ever been in there?"

Another told me (very seriously) about how he was going to go see his brother at the dentist this afternoon. I asked him if his brother had a cavity and here's what he said: "No, he has something stuck on his tooth right here, it's a big piece of food that won't come off and he has to stay at the dentist all day." YIKES! I'd love to know the real story behind that one.

Since my cousin just called to tell me he will be a little later than I expected to come look at the computer, I might take myself a little nap. (Still worn out from the weekend!)


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