Thursday, September 27, 2007


Just saw an Oprah episode about "Into the Wild" the movie and the book. The trailer here. It's based on a true story and seems to be a very inspiring movie about a guy who was trying to live the most authentic life he could. The author of the book, John Krakauer said that what he wants people to take away from the life and story of Chris McCandless is to do something different, test yourself and don't be tempted to take the easiest path because life is better when you step off that path. Also that happiness is only real when shared. My friends know that the most awesome, wonderful things in my life occurred because I stepped off a path that I originally thought I HAD to this book and movie will definitely be something I will be investing some time and money into.

Another movie I want to see is "Feast of Love" It looks SOOOO GOOD! Morgan Freeman, Greg Kinnear, comedy and can ya beat that?!


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