Friday, August 24, 2007

Speaking Of Spanish...

It's funny that Lennye posted a little something about Spanish this morning and then today I have a funny Spanish related story to tell after teaching 1st grade. When the kids were bringing their paintings for me to put on the drying rack, I made sure to ask if they had put their names on the back of their papers...two little boys who had been sitting at the same table told me very excitedly that they had both written their names in Spanish!! I said, "WHOA, I wonder what that looks like!" Here is what they showed me...

I'm sad to say that though I made A's in both Spanish classes in high school...they did not prepare me for THIS type of Spanish. This was original, the first time that's happened in four years. Too funny! :)

Another funny story from a few days ago was involving two of my best 5th grade students. Michael and I were playing a fun game where we'd only speak to each other in our funky mix of faux British/Australian accents. We were telling Amanda that we liked her butterfly drawing, so I said "I quite like your ba-er-fly drawring." She responds back, "Oh my gosh, did you just say 'butt of lice'?" Needless to say, that caused quite the commotion, but was way worth it from all the laughs we had.

Today's classes were so great in the morning that I actually got to sit down and do some artwork with the kids and they loved that. I sat with Anna and Levi and we put tissue paper onto a background with vinegar and once the paper was completely covered we peeled the tissue paper off and had a neat design left on our background paper. When I sat down to do the Art with them, Levi said "Oh you like this one too?! It's really fun huh?!" (This was his second time doing it because it was his favorite station...he chose it twice over going to paint) It WAS really fun and most of us liked how the vinegar smelled because it reminded us of coloring Easter eggs. Moments like that are why it's Super FLY being an Art teacher.


Anonymous August 24, 2007 at 8:37 PM  

I actually got to talk to some of my kids today, that was nice. I think you are a GREAT art teacher and the kids are lucky to have some who LOVES their job!

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