Thursday, August 2, 2007


Julie's photographic study of a one-eyed tree frog. Photos by Julie, alterations by Me. And no, she was not scared that it might jump on her, and it did...and she wasn't scared. Even though he is super cute, I would have still felt a few heart palpitations over something jumping at me. The post that I was able to write in the middle of the day today was because we went into work at 11 because we had to stay till 7pm for Open House. Got a lot done today with planning my Art stations. I didn't take advantage of the 3-4pm break that we received and just stayed at work. When I was changing in the restroom, I took my cell phone out of my pocket so it wouldn't fall out when I was putting on my other pants....well when I left out of the restroom, I couldn't find my cell phone anywhere. I checked the restroom, checked my bag that I had brought my change of clothes in and still couldn't find it. So, I went into Lennye's room, got her cell phone and proceeded to call myself. I went into the restroom, no ringing in there...went back into my classroom and the ringing was coming from my bag, but I couldn't see the phone. Finally, I heard that my tennis shoe was ringing inside the bag! Cell phone found!


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