Thursday, August 9, 2007

Oh. My. Gosh.

Don't ever bash a Wednesday until you fully know what you are going to get yourself into on a Thursday. Holy LORD! I should have known something was very wrong when I made it through 2nd-5th grades without one little problem. Things were great, then after lunch- I think I had two of the craziest groups of children ever put together. Poor SD and DS. First grade was just indescribable really. A kid sat on the floor and spun himself around and around and when I just stared at him in disbelief he gave me the craziest grin like he had crack rock for lunch. He's the same kid who flooded half of my classroom last year. Fun. One kid wasn't even at a painting station but made sure at the end of class that he had made his way to some paint to completely cover both of his hands and part of his arms. More fun. The "good" kids thought they could do whatever they wanted to while I was tending to the ones who had the crack rock sandwich with a side of Puff the Magic Dragon for dessert. I figured kindergarten had been absolutely precious all week (which is definitely unusual, but thought surely the trend would keep up today)...I was hopeful, in a very naive way. They were complete psychopaths who were very mean to me and each other. One kid asked me if I was a boy...said he couldn't figure it out because of my "haircut and everything." Ok people, my hair is almost to my shoulders and I'm shall we say, very well endowed for a small person! So there's your case in point that the cafeteria served up a rare lunch or something! But wait...there's more. A kid called another kid's mom a "gayfer." I thought that word went out in 1992. These are 4 and 5 year olds people! And yet another was throwing crayons at the kids at his table, so I told him he needed to go to timeout for throwing crayons. He says, "I did not throw crayons!! I tossed them." I informed him that tossing is close enough to throwing...he slammed some crayons down at me and refused to go to timeout. Later when it was clean up time--I looked him straight in the face and said through gritted my "you're fortunate that I can't do bodily harm to you" voice, "It's clean up might want to TOSS these crayons back into the crayon bin please!" So...moral of this long detailed description of Thursdays....if I feel the need to be checked into the psychiatric ward I will be sure to schedule it on a Thursday. Just like if I come down with another virus where violent things are occurring at both ends of my better bet your ass it will be on a Thursday. Any ailment, emergency, fake or real sickness, personal day, etc... WILL occur on a THURSDAY. WORD! :)

Pictures of artwork from upper grades will come soon (Lennye) when projects are finished. Promise. Here are some pictures of sweet Nikki and the haircut that is too short on her face (I think the newbie cut her hair...but at least too short means more money's worth). The shorter beard makes her look like she's got a crazy Joker smile. She got to take a ride to the trash dump today too...she's all about it. Oh for your life to be so simple, that a ride to the dump makes your day.


Lennye August 10, 2007 at 5:35 AM  

I feel better. Now that those "cute" 5 year have come out of the closet.

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