Saturday, August 25, 2007

I see a bookcase and I want it painted black...

Last Friday night when Brinkley was staying over at the vet's office, I was more antsy than I imagined I would be because of the house's different atmosphere. To pass the time, I kept myself busy by finally getting the bookcase to look how I wanted. I put all of the extra books that we don't ever look at inside the office bookcase and arranged this one in the living room to look like this. Now, it just needs to be painted black.

Here's a little detail picture...the Tigger is from my mom when I collected Tigger stuff my first two years of college (my roommate was known as Piglet, I was Tigger). The penguin is from my friend Erica. I think I've had it since high school--I never really collected penguins, but thought this little guy was cute. The seashell used to be up there with a buddy shell but I accidentally sucked it up in the vacuum cleaner. HA! Those came from our summer trip to Charleston last year.


Sarah B. B. August 25, 2007 at 9:35 PM  

Your bookcases make my bookcases feel like the fat kid who just ate an entire cake, like in Matilda. :)

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