Sunday, August 5, 2007

The blues

Well, tomorrow is the big day...back to school for kids and back to work for us teachers. I'm not too sad about it, but am actually kinda nervous because I'm sort of winging it tomorrow. What I do will be based on how the kids act when they come in tomorrow. I've already gotten all the materials for 6 tables and their 6 projects ready and put them in color-coded (of course) boxes. 5th and 4th will do the same projects, 3rd and 2nd will do the same and then 1st and Kindergarten have their own separate projects. It should be very interesting. I've read where some people add one station at a time and will explain that station for the first week and then the kids do it the next week...but that seems like it will take too much time---so this is the part where I will be winging it and trying to figure out how in the world I want and need to do it. I also made it where two tables are doing painting projects, two are doing some type of drawing project with any kind of drawing material and the other two tables are doing a craft or collage project of some sort. The projects are all planned out and I think the two drawing tables will be fine just starting themselves out while I quickly explain to the other four tables what they will be doing. Once it's all in place, I'm hoping it will be fun and make it where the kids and I don't get bored from seeing the entire class work on the same project for a few weeks. I'm totally going to start posting pics of some projects while in progress and then when they are finished. That should be fun! :)


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