Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Yep, He's THAT Advanced...

That he brushes his own teeth! Ha! This is his toothbrush though, in case you were thinking I let him lick on mine! Love apparently does have limits! ;) He has started doing this recently where he likes to get a little sip of water out of the bathroom sink when I'm brushing my teeth...I couldn't believe how tall and huge he looks here. This is why one of his nicknames is "Big Kahuna."

In other news:

  • Did some research on a new vacuum cleaner...read a lot of online opinions (God I love the internet...how did we survive without it I wonder?!) We're opting for the Eureka Capture Bagless Upright. Definitely needed to graduate to bagless with all this stinky dog hair! I hope it really SUCKS! :)
  • Julie has banned me from watching any more PETA videos and learning about where meat comes from...watched a few and couldn't believe what I saw. Also watched one called "Meet Your Meat" and I couldn't get past the chickens and cows without breaking down into a sobbing mess. After that Julie said that my "tender-heart" can't deal with it and so therefore I am not to watch anymore of those. Here's how life has changed since watching those...I haven't eaten meat since (dairy--yes, slabs of meat---no). Will I be an extremist and make the lives of everyone around me who wants to eat meat miserable? No. Will I give up meat and anything related completely forever? Probably not. But, for now this is what I need to do to feel better about things, so that is what I'm doing. Will I begin writing to these awful slaughter houses and constantly talking with my friends about the cruelty and torture they put animals through to make them our food? Definitely not, there's other people who do that...I'm not into it. I've always known these videos were out there and that possibly bad things were happening and I chose to never let myself learn anything about it, now I have and because I care so much about the treatment of animals, I can't let myself partake in that at this point and time. Yes animals were originally put here partially to be our food...but they weren't put here to be inhumanely treated and tortured in the process. Needless to say there's a hell of a lot of veggies and fruits in the fridge right now, so I'm excited about the idea of becoming healthier...pizza is still hella good too though! I won't be sporting any "V is for vegetarian or vegan" shirts.
  • Going green...something I've been slowly moving into also...along with buying cruelty free products---things that are not being tested on animals (you won't believe how much stuff is) I've also been changing over cleaning supplies to be more earth friendly. There's no way I would have thrown everything away that we already had, but I think once something runs out, it's a good excuse to buy a "greener" Earth friendly product to put in it's place. I've learned that we've been taught that CLEAN has a smell when in reality those chemicals are SOOOO bad for us and the environment and clean actually is just that, no smell. Method is a good brand and they sell it at Target. The only thing I've tried so far is the floor cleaner and it works pretty well. Hey, I used to be the President of the Ecology club in High School....so this has always been inside me...just went dormant for a while! :) I figure as long as you don't chastise others for their choices and alienate everyone you know...you should do whatever makes you feel good and makes you feel like you are making a difference somehow. I don't even have kids, but would like the planet to still be around and be healthy for those who do.


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