Thursday, July 12, 2007

More From The Past...

For today's blast from the past post, I dug up some of my old student teaching pictures. This little guy is Joseph if I remember correctly (and since you can't really make out who he is, I will share something about his personal life). This little guy will forever be etched in my memory because he had no mom. Of course there were probably lots of kids I student taught who had no mom, but Joseph was the first one that really made me realize that kids have it pretty tough these days. When I first began student teaching, I naively thought that childhood was still mostly like Care Bears, Sesame Street, Mr. know the 80's-- even when things were bad, they weren't that bad. I quickly learned that times had changed. His story seemed more sad to me than any other because his mom was killed in her home by a fire that her boyfriend intentionally started in order to harm her. I know you're not technically supposed to have favorites as a teacher (though we all do), but Joseph was one of my favorites and I'll never forget this little guy. He did a pretty radical job on that Mondrian Art too, huh?!


Anonymous July 14, 2007 at 9:22 AM  

Hope you used a different name so you don't get in trouble with the law. :) You know as teachers you aren't supposed to have your favorites, but I have had my own. On our last vacation to PC Beach I was waiting for a table with the family when a girl I taught walked in, I went over to say hello and introduce Ryan because last she saw him, he was still cookin'. Her dad introduced himself which I thouhght was very funny since I had like 8 conferences with him, anyway, I told her I was proud of her because I ran into her mom recently and her mom said she was doing outstanding. She is my personal victory from my first year of teaching, her lightbulb turned on and went from 1st grade reading level to a 4th grade by the end of the year, so I think we all have our favorites. I send her a card at the end of each school year telling her hello and how I hope she is doing well. I also have some that other didn't like that much, that I just love! So no, you are not alone in that department!

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