Thursday, May 3, 2007

What Consumes Us...

This is a picture of an example of the many things that have consumed our time the toilet paper doesn't represent nasty poo Kinsley and Sarah! HAHA! ;)
This is a lovely toilet paper holder from (cue Heavenly music and angels) IKEA! Ahhhhhhhh....hear the angels from on high singing the praises of IKEA! Julie and I took a fun little trip up to the ATL. and bought some things for the house from IKEA. This lovely treasure is one of them. See, Sarah mostly gets excited over crafty things from antique stores, (she also gets excited over BK chicken fries which she converted me to and Regina Spektor's song "Fidelity" which I introduced her to!) whereas I get excited for anything that gets Julie and I closer to being done with any house renovations whatsoever. This lovely, shiny step closer to being done, holds our toilet paper ever so wonderfully. We were living without one for about two months while we took our time painting and searching for one that worked. It always seemed like the toilet paper roll was in a different place each time, so now when I sit and glance over I really do thank the Swedes for their many cheap yet durable and shiny inventions.


Sarah B. B. May 3, 2007 at 10:03 PM  

IKEA rocks. I do covet your blue bathroom, by the way. Maybe some day I'll actually get to see it. :) And thanks for outing my chicken fries problem on the INTERNET for the entire WORLD to read. This made me laugh out loud, particularly when you cued the heavenly angels.

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