Tuesday, June 2, 2009

8 Weeks...Better Than Buttered Toast

Seriously. 8 weeks...8 weeks of vacation....other than making up your own hours and/or never having to go to work, it really is the next best thing. I'm not one of those Mary Poppins types who thinks teaching is just the greatest thing ever. That might make me look badly, but I'm sorry. If I could JUST TEACH...yes it would be 90% more super duper than it is now...but it's never JUST TEACHING or JUST dealing with students. There's a plethora of b.s. that comes with the job, therefore making me wish we had 8 weeks of work and the other weeks on vacation. :) Plus (and I've said this on here before) I'm not one of those people that has an inherent desire/need to GO someplace and work.

I like to work here, I like to play here, I like to visit with friends and go to fun places...I don't NEED to go to work. I don't NEED to put up with all of the b.s. that comes along with some co-workers, parents, and those students who'd rather be anywhere else but school.

Today was our last day for what will be the shortest weeks of the year and my body/mind hasn't gotten relaxed into that summertime mode yet...but man am I ready for it. I'm still seriously considering the possibility of making like a hermit and not leaving the comfort of this place for the entire 8 weeks. People play nicely here.


Art club having fun...this is the last bunch of 5th graders that I will feel closely to for a while. They were a fun group. I wish I could show how much fun they had making the projects...but can't put people's children on the internets without permission.

He was watching the weather channel! Looks cloudy with a chance of Jackson Pollock.

Hunter is so hilarious!

Casey and Nikki both had birthdays...didn't post anything about it, lame. Did take recent pics of Casey's out of control hair...he gets a lovely hair cut during his stay at the kennel while the moms are away in Biloxi next weekend. These are a few of the fun things you can do with his mop right now!

The purchase that made us feel so official! :)


Lennye June 2, 2009 at 9:11 PM  

You are OFFICIAL! And I'm loving the new camera!

krista June 2, 2009 at 9:13 PM  

yay vacation!
yay purchased pictures!
yay art!

seriously, though, the hairstyles are the best.

Jessie June 6, 2009 at 6:01 AM  

That picture is wonderful. (mom and son I am guessing?) I love the robots, very cool!

Hey, every job has b.s.!!! My job is over flowing with it and I just work at an antique mall. lol B.S. follows us everywhere we go. :(

BUT hey, ENJOY your summer. I am sure you will make the best of your time and take kick ass pictures!!! :)

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