Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Breaking NEWS at 6:00, People. Are. Stupid.

Shocking isn't it?! Just in case you didn't already know this, yes studies now show that people are indeed stupid. Let me give you a case study for example...

About two weeks ago after school, I'm washing paintbrushes and a Kindergarten teacher brings in a parent and student. The parent is a little angry because her son got hit in my room and I didn't do anything about it. SO...I proceed to find out all the important details that I apparently missed.

Matthew says he got hit in your room.

(lie number one) Really Matthew, you got hit in my room? He doesn't say anything. Matthew did you tell your mother that the reason your nose is purple is because YOU PAINTED IT and then got sent to timeout for playing? He shakes his head NO. She should have left right then. I said, his nose is purple because he painted it, I watched him do it, it doesn't always wash off. (I don't write notes in agendas for kids painting "regular" body parts because it's never been an issue and isn't that big of a deal).

She says, it has gotten more red and purple in the last few I look at him and he's rubbing and scratching his nose...hmm...wonder why in the world it's getting more purple. Can't put my finger on it.

Matthew says Blake hit him in your room with a bat.

(lie number two and the VERY reason the mother should have not brought her pot smokin' ass to my room.) Really Matthew, because we don't have bats in Ms. Gunter's Art room?! Mrs. ___ we don't have bats in my Art room, so I'm pretty sure Matthew didn't get hit by a bat in my room.

Matthew says Blake hit him with a bat in your Art room and that he told the teacher.

Matthew did you tell me that Blake hit you? He shakes his head NO. Did you tell Mrs. M. or Mrs. S. that Blake hit you? He shakes his head NO.

So anyone else would have seen that Matthew was asked by his mother why his nose was purple and so as to not get into trouble, he told her he got hit...he stood right there and said that he never told anybody that he got hit and his mom looks at him and says, to him that it's OK to tell the truth. I wanted to slap her in the head and say that he stood right here and told the truth. He never got hit, he never told anybody he got hit, he painted his nose and you are stupid. AND WE DON'T HAVE BATS IN THE ART ROOM. Frickin' idiot.

She leaves and says that she would like for this matter to be investigated further. What the hell needs to be investigated besides the fact that your son lies to you and you believe him? Come see me when he's 18 and he IS NOT the one who got that girl pregnant. Glad you get to live with him for the next 13 or so years and I only have to deal with him for 6 more.

I'm mean and I can't WAIT for him to make her life miserable, because she's stupid and needs to go take another hit from tha' bong.

Here's the greatest finale:
So today Matthew comes to my room...and has a red place on his nose...I'm thinking, you've got to be kidding me. I ask him what's on his nose...he said he has ring worm and that he has a cream for it. OH REALLY?! So the place he was itching and making more purple, was ring worm along with purple paint? He didn't get hit with a bat in the Art room...thanks for the apology lady. Classic.

Look for a fun stop-animation video we did for Julie's stars this guy:


Sarah B. B. February 25, 2009 at 8:26 PM  

GOOD GRACIOUS. UGH. Stuff like that is what makes people quit teaching. And you are 197% correct that she will reap what she's sown when he's older, because the POLICE are not going to care that she believes her baby. So sorry you had to deal with this. (And seriously - BATS in the art room?????)

K2daK February 25, 2009 at 9:36 PM  

Oh, I SO know who you are talking about and no worries, I had a different scene with her, just know I was the only one to ever see a problem...I tend to make those up... :)

monkey February 26, 2009 at 12:00 AM  

oh, c'mon, i know you had a stash of bats hidden in the closet. how else are you going to keep those kids in line.
um, all kidding aside, should he be IN class if he has ringworm?
i found this on a website:
Ringworm is contagious (spread to others) through direct contact with an infected person or animal. It can also be spread indirectly through contact with the clothes, combs, or brushes of others who have it. Once treatment has begun and the circular rash begins to shrink, the rash won't be contagious. Until then, however, a person with ringworm can spread it to others.

so, you can add the stupidity to the mother considering she sent the kid to school with a contagious infection.

K2daK February 27, 2009 at 8:08 PM  

monkey should we tell you that his mom is a nurse?

Kwhatcher March 20, 2009 at 11:04 AM  

Every time I need a good laugh.... I come back and read this. I remember when I was in High School, the entire administration was so afraid of MM's (Mad Mamma's). I still think I was one of the few that didn't want their parents called. Most of the time the mothers would come to the school, cuss the teachers and admin and the student was just walk away smiling, "whatever, just call my parents, we'll see who's in trouble then!". I was never afraid of getting in trouble at school, I was afraid of them telling my parents I got in trouble at school....

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