Monday, November 3, 2008

What The Dogs Did For Halloween 2008

We're not really ones to buy costumes for the dogs--but last year we happened to be in a Target during some serious Halloween clearance and couldn't pass these up for just a couple dollars a piece. Lucy didn't even exist last October---so getting that extra one "just in case" really paid off! :)

I couldn't help but post the many facial expressions of Lucy---that dog=perfection. I love all of them dearly, but I'm truly enamored with every facet of her.
Both Nikki and Lucy were sweet girls and let us bother them with a few pictures...whereas the boys were much more difficult. Casey gave us about 10 seconds and not even a decent 10 seconds! That's Casey. :)
Lucy Bumblebee 1
Lucy Bumblebee 2
my girls 1
my girls 2
Lucy Bumblebee 3
Lucy Bumblebee 4
I FRICKIN' LOVE this next one!
Lucy Bumblebee 5
Ah...misery loves company
Brinkley Bumblebee 1
The calmest one of the four!
Nikki Ladybug 1
Nikki Ladybug 2
Nikki Ladybug 3
Only Casey Missing 2
Only Casey Missing 3
He graces us with his presence for one small moment
With Casey Too

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