Monday, October 20, 2008

The Weekend

The weekend was very lovely...nice, cool weather and not having anything we HAD to do on the calendar.

We were a little deflated that what was going to be our first paid photo shoot that was for our first non-friend/family client got canceled close to the last minute. :( We were thinking that we'd take pictures at a 20 year high school reunion, but the parent of a child at my school who was the co-person on the committee told me the other lady didn't want to dish out the money at the last minute because she actually hadn't even set aside enough money for their dinner!!

I was like, how are you going to think about hiring a photographer when people might not even get to eat?! Geez MON! She forwarded me some of the lady's emails and this woman was like, "photographers make money off the pictures, not the session I don't think we should have to pay a session if they want that, then we'll just do disposable cameras." Whatev. We went down to $200 and said that was the best we could do for FOUR hours of photos and no money being made off prints since we don't sell freakin' prints. ANYWHO. She said that she wishes that lady would have not hired the $200 dj that kept turning up the music when they asked him to turn it down so they could talk to each other without screaming. Shoulda, coulda, woulda...

That's OK because we are taking pics of awesome people in an awesome location this Saturday that we are excited to do for free!! :) That makes us smile and I can't wait to get clickin'! I THINK you might know these two people....but I'm not telling who it is yet, surprises can be so much more fun! :)

Some recent pics of the cutie-patooties and some signs and doorways we shot this Sunday in LaGrange while on a "driving around just to find something cool to take pics of" trip.
Don't trust those shifty eyes!
On the blanket that's impossible to keep white because of muddy paw prints, but oh how I love to try!
Lucy and Brinkley with hamburger
Lucy running with hamburger
Lucy owns everything and everyone. If she wants to snuggle with you by draping her leg over you, you will let her do so and you will do so with a smile. :)
Lucy and Nikki snuggle time 1
He gets all of his great ideas while pondering mysteries underneath the pool table...and while there, chats with his fellow dust puppies that escaped from his hairy behemoth body.
Brinkley Under The Pool Table
These next pics from Sunday would probably, actually be cool if we had some radical models to pose in them, but we were model-less except for each other, and neither of us felt the urge.
The Body Shop
Exit Only
Neat Blue Doors


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