Thursday, July 31, 2008


I had this huge post that I wrote earlier today before going into work...just venting about how spent I am and how a lot more of my time this week has gone to helping people understand their job and answer questions that they more than likely should know the answer to...but I erased it. I just have to get used to the fact that no matter what--there is going to be new people on my team this year and this is the first year I happen to be their team leader. I miss my old team, we were excellent together and just because I might have to spoon feed a little more than I would like to this year, doesn't mean the people aren't nice. They ARE nice and maybe once they get into the swing of things, I won't get asked bizarre questions anymore!

I do have to add this part back from my old vent though---because some of you will just really trip out over this. The Queen of Kindergarten sent her para-pro down to my room to ask me if they wrote their name on their box of clay, would I store it in my room. So I said, "You want me to store YOUR clay in MY room?" She said, "Yes, you have room right?!" Now since this particular teacher is the meanest of all, I thought about saying no...but I figured I'd get in less trouble for being compliant, so I said, yes. Argh!

We found out today that we will be teaching about 700 students...there's already 6 kindergarten teachers and they are on the brink of adding another. This is definitely going to be an interesting year. Because they won't be adding another special or two for them to go to, we are having to add a class or a half class to our already existing class that will be in there---so we could end up with 30 kindergartners in each of our specials classes. I better not hear any para-pros complaining that they have to help us!

Tonight at open house, I signed up 57 kindergartners to be car-riders! That's craziness.


Lennye July 31, 2008 at 8:32 PM  

Let the madness begin!!! But really you have to admit it--you love it!

Sarah B. B. July 31, 2008 at 9:58 PM  

Heavens to Betsy - 57? Wanna bet that about a month into the school year at least half of those parents realize that they don't LIKE sitting in that line all afternoon & switch their little darlings to the bus? GOOD LUCK! :)

monkey August 4, 2008 at 1:44 AM  

so, i actually read the first post you wrote before you changed it and i'm really glad you acknowledged that you changed it because i would have thought i was losing my mind.
oh, i'm wishing you luck with this new year. no, screw that. not luck...patience. i'm wishing you patience. for some reason, people always talk about how challenges are good and crap like that. i think i'm one of those people. so, yeah, um, challenges are good and stuff.
OH! that dream! that made me laugh so hard and still makes me laugh when i think about it. i love, especially, that after i MAILED FINN TO YOU (!) she then fell off the couch!

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