Sunday, June 8, 2008

Nelly Said It Perfectly...

Its gettin' hot in here, so take off all your clothes! Seriously, the smaller the amount of clothing in the house right now, the better. The air conditioner works sporadically...then has to be cut off again to thaw out. I think it's SO HILARIOUS that it couldn't kick the bucket just a couple of weeks ago when it wouldn't have been a big deal to sit in the house with no air. Last night it was shocking how little I slept in! Normally I'm all about the t-shirt and undies for sleep attire...last night was MUCH less! :) This afternoon we helped a friend move some boxes out of her house and on the way home, I drove veeeerrryyy veeerrrryyyy slowly up the driveway. So Julie goes, "What are you doing?" I said, "Just prolonging, the air works great in here!"

I think I feel the sorriest for Brinkley, because he's the furriest of us all. Poor guy has slumped his ginormous body over the floor vent here in the living room like it's miraculously going to pour out some cold air onto him any minute. That's sweet that he doesn't know better! No worries kiddies, even if *mama has to pimp herself out, big, COLD air is on the way!

*I've been assured this won't have to happen! :)


Lennye June 9, 2008 at 8:17 AM  

Hopefully the air man will be able to fix your problem at a relative low cost!

I watched "27 Dresses" last night to take a brain vacation. I loved it, the perfect distraction.

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