Friday, June 13, 2008

More Pictures and Recent Happenings

We made the Alice Springs Chicken and some awesome sweet potato souffle and they were so good that there just wasn't any time for pictures! :)

We're gearing up for our trip to Orlando in two weeks...not that either of us are those people that drool at the mention of Orlando, but both of us enjoy any place where there's still NEW stuff to look at, do and take pictures of! Plus, we're staying for free!!

A wild turkey just ran across my driveway into the neighbor's yard...I'm totally not kidding! We're not even that much in the country! There's a major highway less than a mile from my driveway! He must have taken the back way! :)

Tonight I'm leaving the house for the first time all week (and I'm ok with that) to go get dog food, a chiropractor's appointment, and to pick up Julie's contacts.

The movie, "The Happening" starts tonight and I want to see it!!

The Lord Baltimore Hibiscus had an early bloom today...I'm thinking this crazy early summer heat is mixing the plants up a little. Here he is with the Lady Baltimore...they aren't planted near each other so no funny business can happen!

I wish her ears hadn't gotten cut out of this one, but this happened so fast and she wouldn't re-do it for me to get again. But, I love this picture! Just needs ears!


Lennye June 13, 2008 at 2:20 PM  

STOP! STOP! STOP! I'm having puppy pains!!!! I'm thinking a bassett hound that would sit and watch me write. But who am I kidding I don't have time for anything right now. I LOVE LUCY! I LOVE COOKING!! I don't do plants, but they are BEAUTIFUL! I want a vacation, but I'll enjoy your pictures! I saw the friend's children you are talking about today at post office.(I must be still a bit hyper from therapy..can you tell.)

Sarah B. B. June 13, 2008 at 8:54 PM  

I tried so HARD to take my hibiscus picture today, but now it's too dark so they've closed for the night. Our second one is blooming now, though, so at least tomorrow morning you'll get two for one. THAT IS A CUTE DOG!

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