Thursday, June 12, 2008

He Does This On Purpose

If Casey were a "REAL BOY" he'd be that kid that has a sense of humor but you rarely see it because he's in his room (with black walls) writing suicidal poetry while listening to the worst heavy metal music (I ABHOR HEAVY METAL MUSIC) imaginable and can't be seen with his family because it's "not his scene." And if you dared try to hug him and tell him you love him just the way he is, no matter what...he'd rush to take the hottest shower possible to scrub the love off and then go write more suicidal poetry. You can totally picture it can't you?

I'm sure you know that I have to carry the camera around with me a lot to get some of the shots of the cutie-pies like I do...sometimes we'll just go outside for a few minutes and I'll see what they'll do for some pictures. Usually Casey is the least cooperative one for this and is always the furthest distance possible from me when I have the camera. We were walking back inside when I asked him to sit and this is what I got...the weirdest looking, craziest pose. Julie and I said it looks like he's taking a poop and really happy about it. So...we call these photos, Happy Poo. :) :)


Lennye June 12, 2008 at 11:39 AM  

Casey looks very happy! I like the middle one. Of course the photos of my Lovely Lucy are still PRICELESS! Much better at this than me showing Gabe's crack and his huge bite last week!

K2daK June 12, 2008 at 9:38 PM  

Oh my gosh that does look like he is taking a poop BUT FUNNY!!!

That was some good writing, I got a great visual in my head, you get an A in imagery. (did I spell that right? That is one of those words I have to look up, not going to take the time).

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