Thursday, April 17, 2008

Walking BEFORE midnight Patsy...

We're trying our best to start a new walking habit. They say if you do something for thirty days...we'll see if we can stick to it for the requisite thirty days and then maybe it will become a good habit.

Here's a picture I took on our walk around Indian Springs yesterday evening. On the second one I changed some hue and saturation levels. Julie says it should be called "Psychedelic Easter."

In other news, I've been picking up Lennye's son Gabe from his bus stop sporadically (I SO love using that word and am not ashamed to admit that I learned it the first time I saw the movie 'Clueless') these last couple of months and there's always an interesting conversation with Gabe who is in the 6th grade.

On one trip he brought up his college choices and the major he had already decided would suit him best. He says to me, "I've already narrowed my college choices down to three." Brown was one of the choices...I was like "DANG DUDE!" He's crazy smart. :)

He's not a "buckle up as soon as you get in the seat" kind of person so we'll be a little ways down the road (as in not even a minute) when my car frantically reminds me that the buckling hasn't it's the same every time..."Uh, forgot to buckle." So he says to me yesterday, "Do you have to buckle that thing in when nobody sits over here because it will just keep beeping?" And I was tripping out, because I've NEVER thought about how it actually doesn't beep when nobody is sitting over there. (my old car was OLD OLD and didn't have these new-fandangled technologies---I was lucky if it had the technology of getting me back and forth to work!) And I say to Gabe, "No way, I never thought about it, my car knows when someone is sitting in the seat, it has a nifty sensor." That Gabe. Can't get much past him.

Today when I was dropping him off, one of the neighborhood kids was riding on his bicycle and pulled it into the driveway. He said to Gabe, "Oh man that's the new Ford Edge, you're riding in style today Gabe." I wanted to give myself a big high-five. Cool points from a kid, nifty. :) "The NEW FORD EDGE...the coolest car in the pickup line, kid approved." YEAH BABY, YEAH! Now I need some of those crazy magnets on the back of my car that are the shapes of all of the sports and activities my kids do...oh wait, mine would look like Eat. Sleep. Poop. Play. Eh, not a big fan of those magnets anyway. I'll just get the one where you have the little family and the dog, except I'll have a custom order because we have to switch the dad out for another mom and pay extra for an additional three more dog decals. Heh.

By the way, Lennye gave me a lot of Cherry Coke to say "thanks." That rocks! I'm not sure if I'm sharing yet. :O


Sarah B. B. April 17, 2008 at 9:42 PM  

I like the cars that are COVERED in those decals. I often wonder just how much all of that must cost... ;)
I agree with Juliebean about the Psychedelic Easter picture, but it's REALLY cool looking to me.

Lennye April 18, 2008 at 9:18 PM  

Okay, now that Ryan has officially approved the car, Freda will need to look at this seriously now! Also, you must remember as a surrogate parent you've got to make time to attend field trips! I don't even want to think about Gabe at the school for the deaf in Macon without one of us there to intercept the issues that might occur.

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