Friday, April 11, 2008

Things Done and To Be Done: Guest bathroom

Earlier today I started thinking about the mental lists I have of all the things that we'd still like to do around the house...when we have more time and more importantly MORE money. I decided to start placing my mental list on my blog, to maybe free up some brain space for other things to think. :) That, and lists are so much better with pictures! (Please forgive the somewhat funky lighting in these pictures, the lighting is horrible in there.)
This is the hideousness before I painted. I am PRETTY sure it was the first room to get painted! I can't for the life of me understand why they would do this in a small space or in fact why they'd put that shade of blue with that brown anywhere in a house!! ACK!

We're covering up this horrendous flooring with red glass tiles (probably) that look something like this:

This shower curtain will be replaced with a red and white one...haven't found one that is suitable yet. I never knew that I had such a deep hatred for most shower curtains, but truthfully I think most shower curtains look completely tacky, cheap or trashy. I've found that I'm very picky about a shower curtain and would LOVE to not even have one, but have one of those cool showers that you step down in with tile surrounding everything and no shower curtain. That project is too pricey though and takes away money for eating and an eventual swimming pool, so won't be happening.

We've already changed the light fixture and painted the cabinet white. We've installed a new chrome faucet and chrome cabinet door handles. I want to switch out my painting for a different one. The mirror also needs to be smaller so that it fits underneath the light fixture properly.

We're keeping these 'hot and cold' shower curtain rings because they're nifty.

I want to take this digital picture I did off of this wall and put up a few other pictures in its place.


I should not have even typed in the words 'hot pink tile'--but I did and now I'm all like, "hot pink tile backsplash in the kitchen or hot pink painted backsplash with magnetic paint?!" Decisions, decisions. I like the hot pink that's on the top right!


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Nicole April 14, 2008 at 2:35 PM  

Have you looking into those angled shower rods? They have them in upscales hotels and they make the whole shower feel loads bigger. As for the curtain, simpler is better. But I agree it's really hard to find one that you can stand, most look incredibly cheap. And I am loving all the Lucy photos! It so makes me want another puppy.

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