Thursday, April 24, 2008

Four Paws Resort

Kerry's boss, Cary, and his wife, Michelle just opened up a new "resort" aka CRAZY nice boarding facility for dogs and cats. Kerry needed me to take pictures and help him make the web page look all pretty--you know--make it look sparkly like a holiday...Lucy went with us to Villa Rica to take the pictures and she had some fun playing with four of their FIVE!! dogs. One wasn't there for some reason. It's always nice to know someone out there is a little more insane or perhaps more of a glutton for punishment than yourself. :) We've never seen Lucy interact with anyone outside the pack, so it was entertaining. Whenever Dooley the Bulldog would paw at her and sniff her more than she liked, she would get all snippy with her!

My fav. pics from the day are the ones Julie took of Lucy lounging in Kerry's clean clothes basket in his backseat.
(I know the blog is all DOG lately, but honestly that's all we've been surrounded by lately...there will be pictures and stories from this weekend's girls night after Saturday.)


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