Sunday, January 13, 2008


Noteworthy conversations from last week:

This conversation took place while teaching a class of 2nd graders about warm and cool colors...

"Ok guys, when you are trying to remember which colors are in the warm color group, think of things that are warm or fire, lava, the will then be able to come up with all three of the main warm colors. O.K.? Someone name me one warm color."

"Me, pick me Ms. G.!"

"Ok, what is one warm color?"


This is part of a conversation Julie and I overheard in Macon at the Barnes and Noble while looking at books in the Art section:(It was two guys that looked like they were in their early-20's)

"Oh wow, there's an Andy Warhol book, I've always wanted a Warhol book!"

"Who?! Who is Warhol?"

"You don't know who Warhol is? Here, look--he did portraits of people like this."

"Oh ok." So...I walked away and then came back to hear the end of another one of their conversations and this is what I heard...I ABSOLUTELY could not believe it was for real...but it was!

"Oh look, an Aftermath book."


"You didn't know about the two planes that crashed into the buildings and killed all those people?"

"No, I didn't know about that." Then he proceeds to walk off and fidget with his cell phone.

I can almost forgive the guy for not knowing about Warhol...maybe if he never took an Art class EVER or NEVER watches anything on t.v. that doesn't involve naked bodies...maybe he could go his entire life never seeing a Warhol painting. I took all those lengthy Art History courses and don't remember everything I saw and who painted what and I guess I could see how possibly he just never encountered two of the most widely seen Pop Art paintings of all time: the Campbell's Soup Cans and the Marilyn Monroe paintings...but how in the hell did this kid MISS 9/11??!! Where was he? I remember exactly where I was...I was in what I considered a miserable place to be at the time (which was actually safe, wasn't bad at all) but was having to be awake before 8am to draw a skanky nude man who had a Playboy bunny tattoo on his chest and came to our figure drawing class with a freshly showered mullet. We were drawing him with charcoals (thankfully I can't remember which region of the body we were on during that particular week) and listening to the instrumental "Somewhere over the rainbow" by Guns N Roses on a cd I had burnt (when you could still find amazingly obscure, awesome stuff on Napster and not get thrown in jail).

I don't know as much about History and the news as most people probably do, so when someone doesn't know something that you could at one time see on every channel, every newspaper, EVERY is quite shocking and absurd to me. I'm still wondering where this kid was. Even if he was in Middle School, people still talk!


Lennye January 13, 2008 at 7:26 PM  

I had a couple of students in this group of 5th graders in a K5/K4 combo class. We didn't clearly understand what was happening, there was no TV at Mary Buttrill. So we said nothing to the kids, I'm sure when they got home there parents were as riveted to the TV as I was.

I also remember sitting and nursing Drew and watching the Challenger go up and explode. I just sat there and cried. Suddenly, the world was different.

I can even remember where I was when Kennedy was shot, and Reagan was shot!

Sarah B. B. January 13, 2008 at 9:22 PM  

That is craziness - I was in New Orleans, so we were an hour behind, and, being, college students, just waking up to the disaster on television. They canceled our classes, so all we did was watch everything. I seriously think either that kid was not listening at all to his friend, or grew up on an isolated Pacific island. There is no other logical explanation. Sheesh.

Anonymous January 14, 2008 at 6:52 PM  

911--I was teaching at NMES. I remember going into the media center and Crawford was the one who told me what was going on. He was so upset...I called a good friend of mine who's daughter lived in NY at the time to be sure she'd heard from her. She had....such a life altering time...Lennye, I too remember when the Challenger had been cancelled that Jan. day because of snow...Watched it on TV...I remember when Kennedy was shot as well....long time ago..M.L.

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