Friday, August 17, 2007

Something's Missing

This morning Julie went to work a little later so that she could drop Brinkley off at the vet to be neutered...his meat and two veg altered forever. :) (And thanks to Lee for basically funding the surgery...I'm sure Brinkley REALLY appreciates it!) The poor guy couldn't drink or eat anything after 6pm last night. Not eating after dinner is normal...but the not drinking water part just about made him crazy. He is a guzzler. He walked all over the house looking for water and we had put everything up, closed all toilets, etc... When I took my bath though, the thirsty guy licked all of the leftover water off of the side of the tub. Then he did his thing where he props up on the bathroom counter and wants to drink out of the faucet. It was difficult not giving in. I felt pretty badly for him, because when I'm thirsty for water--I have to have it right then too, or I get a little crazy- like you'd think I was suddenly having psychotic flashes of being in the desert having to go without. We can not leave the house without my pack of gum, hairbrush and a water bottle. Julie jokes that I need a diaper bag for all of these "must haves" for traveling. So I like fresh breath, untangled hair and to be hydrated...doesn't everyone? HA! Anyway! I didn't do so well saying "goodbye" to Brinkley this morning when I left before they did. Initially I don't do well with separations and "goodbyes" but because of the monthly visitor rearing its ugly head any day was worse. I even cried while watching the results show of "So You Think You Can Dance" last night and that has no significance to me at all! I cried a little when I hugged him and left and then when I pulled my car out from the garage and was driving off, I could see him sitting at the door watching me leave and THAT right there put me down for the count. I knew that he would be FINE, but it is always a little hard when one of my babies is going away for something like that. The atmosphere here at the house was strange when I got home. In the eight and a half months Brinkley has been around, everything has moved much quicker and at times louder and more chaotic. But it's crazy how you get used to that and expect it. Casey and Nikki were very quiet and calm when I let them out, they trotted to the back door slowly whereas when Brinkley is in the mix it's like a frickin' freight train going down the hallway. Everything has moved slower. While it's relaxing with the two old timers just lounging around and Brinkley not jumping up and down on us---it's kind of unsettling too because of having gotten used to it. I'm sure they are enjoying the small break, though I hope they miss him just a little. I know I do.


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