Thursday, August 30, 2007

Eye candy and funny kid moments...

Oh the interesting, entertaining little people conversations I've had this week. They have been quite amusing!
My first story deals with a first grader who was very excited about the Bus Safety Poster contest we are working on right now. I'm typically not a big fan of drawing contests because there has to be losers and the kids are already so scared to draw most of the time...BUT I was basically told that this one was one that I would be we are moving right along with those. There are some really good ones and I've been stressing to the kids that it's about having a good drawing, regardless if you win the $100 for being the "chosen" drawing for the entire state. Well the $100 got some of them really excited and some of them really, REALLY stressed out.

One cutie-pie named Morgan in 1st grade had a complete meltdown because she couldn't get her bus just right. She broke down into tears exclaiming that people never pay her Dad back and they only have "9 bucks." It was really cute and I felt pretty badly for her. Another kid got super excited and said that his mom really needed that money. I think it's neat how many of them were wanting to give the money to their parents. Even when Morgan broke down crying, the sweetest Gracie you'll ever know told her that she didn't need the money and if she won she'd give her the prize money instead. HOW SWEET IS THAT?!
Anyway, the funny one was McKayla who jumped up and down in excitement telling me what she'd do with the $100. She was going to buy a limo, a butler, a mansion and a "horn blower, to announce to everyone that McKayla won the prize!" I got a good laugh at all the stuff she thought $100 would buy!

Today 5th grade talked me into playing the radio...haven't started that up this year yet. So, I gave in because they are some of the coolest kids around. They are 5th graders this year but were my first group of 2nd graders 4 years ago. They have been my favorite group every year. I wish you could have seen when Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry" came on because all of us got excited. You should have seen Brandon S. and Logan sitting right by the stereo SINGING along while Greyson, Kasey and others were jamming out. It was a blast.

The day ended with Kindergarten...whew. The day always goes out with a bang with my Thursday group. God Bless America. My little buddy that was "tossing" the crayons instead of throwing them a couple of weeks ago...surely you haven't forgotten him... I figured he deserved a second chance and he started out fairly well throughout the majority of the class period. Somehow though, he felt the need to convince me that the erasers in my room are special ones that FLY. No, he didn't throw the eraser off the pencil, it definitely flew. I happened to witness the entire event with my own eyes because I was sitting two tables away from his. The eraser FLEW off the tip end of his pencil and he was on the floor trying to pin down its location. Conversation went as follows:

"William, what in the world did that eraser just do? What happened there?"
"It FLEW right off!!"
"Seriously?! You mean my erasers are so special that they can FLY?! HOLY SMOKES!"
"Show me how it did this."
"It JUMPED onto the end of my pencil like this...then it FLEW right off and now I can't find it."
"No kidding! It jumped and it flew?!"
After that, he went to every table to explain the flying erasers.

And on to the eye candy...My newest print from Sugarloop! I LOVE this. This is our fourth Sugarloop print in the house. This one is the 3rd copy too, 3 is one of our favorite numbers around here.
I believe it will go on the wall with these two lovelies...another Sugarloop print and a number 2 (ha ha) notecard from afavorite


Sarah B. B. August 30, 2007 at 8:52 PM  

Lindsey & I really got a kick out of the flying eraser. We need some of those flying supplies to make our days a bit more exciting in the cubicle forest. :) I like the prints, too.

Lennye August 31, 2007 at 5:33 AM  

I assume that Gracie is the sister of a certain dreamboat in 5th grade (Who I taught in K4). I think people would be surprised that most days few of us have time to talk. I don't think I've ever been this busy!

One thing I think needs to be explored is the relationship between art and writing. I loved everything I got on Serendipty Day last week and I scheduled another one for when I am out next week. They did great.

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