Thursday, June 14, 2007

Current Thoughts...

My most current "pondering" I like to call it, is this: Why does Nikki become oddly frightened when she hears a fly buzz in the house? Yes, we do kill flies when given the chance...but we don't run around and scream like wild banshees (any more than usual) when there's a fly in the house. So what the heck?! She literally looks over at us after one buzzes around her head and then hurries to go hide! Madness! Maybe Emily Dickinson came back as my Nikki dog...because she "heard a fly buzz when she died." HAHA!
My most current wish is for Julie to be home so that she could cook me an omelet. I could make an omelet...but it wouldn't taste as good. Instead for breakfast I'm having Lay's potato chips with French Onion dip. Nice, huh?!
Lee came by to see our lilies yesterday. She liked these best...I do too! She complimented us on our lovely flowers and how well we've done...that made us both feel really good!


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