Monday, June 11, 2007

Because this is the kind of thing you do in the summer while waiting for paint to dry

I'm currently re-painting what will now be known as the craft room or for the Art snobs I went to college with, the "art studio." It was red before and will now be a most excellent aqua color...definitely not teal because teal is aqua with way too much green in it. So don't come over here calling this color teal, got it?! :) The official name of the color is "Jamaican Sea" by Behr and I like to say that with my faux Jamaican accent of course! I made this little quiz when I saw it on a friend's took a little time and will take a little time for people to answer if they choose...but it IS the summer and this is what you do while you're waiting for a coat of paint to dry. Well it's what I do. And that brings me to add this...someone at work whom I normally think very highly of and respect a great deal said this to me on the last day before summer break, "You really should have some kids because you have WAY too much time on your hands." Tell me this, is that a crime? Why is it that when MOST, not all people have kids that they expect that you should have some kids too because you have the time to do the things you enjoy? I do good things with MY time--home improvement projects, nice things for friends, crafty/artsy stuff...I don't harm anyone. Why does it kill certain people when those of us who don't have kids, have time on our hands to do what we please?! Don't they know the reason why I don't have kids, is because I know that I wouldn't want to dedicate the time to them that they deserve? I know what I want out of life and what I want to do and it doesn't involve having kids. I like being around other people's children and love kids...I TEACH them...but I don't want my own. To me, that is a smart thing to know about yourself and these people who have three and four kids who do nothing but complain about them and the lack of time they have for that the right thing to do? Is that what they should be doing with THEIR precious time? I feel sorry for their children because they didn't ask to be born to people who will just complain about them non-stop. Moral of my venting: I don't judge you for how you chose to spend your time and life, so don't do it to me. Anyway...enough of my venting. Here is the quiz if the link works...

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Sarah B. B. June 11, 2007 at 9:54 PM  

This thing is crap. It changed my answer! (Like I don't know your DOGS' names!!! Sheesh.) Furthermore, I don't like the answer choices, because I am quite sure the only things I have ever watched on Tivo at your house are HGTV & MTV, and they were not a choice. And what is your chosen profession? Because dog walker was the closest one to dog sitter on there. hmpf. I am not doing this stupid thing again.

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