Thursday, April 19, 2007


Hey! Hey! Hey! I was pondering about what to write for this very first blog and can't believe how much pressure it is to come up with something that people will hopefully WANT to read. I guess the great thing about blogs is that they are never required reading! I've decided to go ahead and get the introductions out of the way and figured that would make an ever-so-lovely (said in my faux-British accent) first post. I'm Melissa (aka Monkey) and will be doing most of the typing. I live here in what I think is one of the cutest houses in the world---(I've tried to be humble about it, but people do tell me it's cute--so I'm running with that!) with my best friend Julie (Bean) and three four-legged goons! These are my furry children. NO they are not human kids with some scary leg and hair disorder, they are my dogs...cute, lovable, GOONS. Life was pretty quiet around here with Casey the Cocker Spaniel who is almost 9 and Nikki the Miniature Schnauzer who is almost we apparently smoked a little crack rock and decided the peacefulness should end...and in comes Brinkley the new kid! He is a 5 month old Golden Retriever and is definitely the clown. He did exactly what we wanted him to do which was get Casey and Nikki off of the couch some, turns out he gets us off of the couch more than we'd like also. So as you can imagine, life can be quite entertaining around here with their antics. I cannot and don't want to imagine life without these babies! I teach about 540ish Elementary school children Art every week and they sometimes ask me why I don't have kids and I say I do have kids, they just have four legs! They wonder why I don't want "real" children and I tell them 540 of them for 8 hours a day 5 days a week, is all I can handle! Here are some pics of my "AS REAL AS IT GETS" children...


Sarah B. B. April 19, 2007 at 8:32 PM  

Dude - you are sparkly like a holiday. Yay for you for starting your blog. Love the pics of my niece & nephews. ;)

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