Friday, April 20, 2007

Google Game

I found out about the cool google game here and had to try it out! Here goes: Melissa needs to board the blob ship that is hovering overhead. The only way to reach it is from the school's rooftop. (On the rooftop I shall go!)

Melissa needs at least 10 hours of sleep a day. (So true, so true!)
Melissa R. needs to crank up the sex appeal, Melissa S. needs to stop being an angelic bitch. (I'm feeling sorry for the Melissa S. chick!)
Melissa needs a very strong, patient adoptive family who will be able to accept that it may take her a long time to come to trust and appreciate them... (I appreciate and trust too quickly!)

After a healthy weight gain of 60 pounds, Melissa needs to get on board with her new body, but would also like to propose to her long-time boyfriend...(A healthy weight gain of 60lbs?! People who KNOW me will trip out over this one!)
If Melissa needs movement to feel better, stay calm, or regain focus, ... Melissa (like many children and adults who need behavior supports) usually...(I do often need behavior supports)

Because Melissa needs to rock the house. (Shoot girl, you know I rock this house!)

While Melissa needs to comb her hair and work on bowel problems, she is clearly a decent and honest woman. (Scary, because my bowel problems are common knowledge...did someone write this about me? I DO comb my hair!)
Melissa needs to do a better job of connecting with the audience...(Who is this Melissa chick they are bashing?)

Melissa needs to stop spreading rumors about everyone especially when she is the bad mother who used to be a hooker with her mom (GOOD LORD! My mom a hooker?! Too freakin hilarious!) Done in R.O.Y.G.B.I.V. order....because everything is prettier in Rainbow order!


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